SSEF Speaker Series

In 2019, the Foundation hosted two Speaker Series Presentations. The first was an Entrepreneurial Panel in February which kicked off the Scarsdale Schools Fellowship for Social Entrepreneurs and the second was a sold-out presentation and fireside chat in April by Sal Khan of Khan Academy.  Thank you to Dana Matsushita and David Siegel and the Siegel Family Endowment for arranging for Sal to come to Scarsdale.

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Purchase Pavers for the New SHS Courtyard Garden

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Renovations at Scarsdale High School include the creation of a new Bander-"patch" Garden adjacent to the new Learning Commons and Design Lab.  The garden features walkways with pavers in a large chess-board design, recognizing donor gifts and honoring students, graduates, teachers and teams.

By buying pavers, you are funding innovation in our schools.  Please invest in our children and be a part of a community-wide effort to transform SHS and our students' experience.

Courtyard is open! Paver purchasers click button below to locate your Pavers.

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Education Foundation Funds Innovation

The Scarsdale Schools Education Foundation is committed to raising funds to make grants to our schools in three essential areas: enhancing innovative learning in our classrooms, expanding creative uses of technology, and adding new equipment and facilities.

Presenting the Foundation's most recent check, Foundation President Mark Bezos thanked "the hundreds of Scarsdale families whose support made these gifts possible.” Accepting the gift, Superintendent Thomas Hagerman applauded the foundation for its “commitment to this work and the incredible energy they put behind this effort.”

Scarsdale residents interested in learning more about giving opportunities can contact a Foundation board member or use the links above to donate or purchase Pavers in the High School's new Courtyard Garden.

Why the SSEF and Why Now?

Scarsdale is justifiably proud of its national reputation as a leader in public education and our schools’ long tradition of achievement and excellence. Our schools are the reason many of us have chosen to live here and we know that the quality of our school system helps maintain property values in Scarsdale.

At the same time, we recognize that meeting the high standards the community has set for its schools will increasingly require more resources than the annual budget of the District can provide. That budget is under constant pressure to cover mandated costs (salaries, benefits, facilities, transportation, etc.) while staying within the limits of the taxation system.

As with other high-performing school districts, tax dollars alone cannot sustain the quality our students deserve. We believe the Foundation can play a very positive role by funding the “extras” that support a truly outstanding school system.

We hope you will join us in creating a community-wide effort to provide new resources that will ensure our school system will be the very best it can be.


Thanks to all of our Leadership Donors and Paver Purchasers!

View the list of SSEF's major campaign donors.

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What's a MakerSpace?

See a student-produced video from Heathcote School.

How are Scarsdale students using the Design Lab?

See "Yehuda's Chair" featuring Zach Friedman's 2018 Senior Project.

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