In October 2013, the Board of Education accepted the first three grants by the SSEF totaling $90,000 in funding.  All three grants reflect ideas that emerged from the Center for Innovation.  (For more information, see Center for Innovation at the Scarsdale School Public Schools web site.)

The first two funded projects (MakerSpace and Gaming) were created as pilot efforts by the Center and the third (HackScarsdale) is a direct outgrowth of the work by teachers and administrators within the Center to envision creative enhancements in the learning environment they offer our students.

In 2016-18, SSEF awarded capital support totaling $2.25 million to build a Design Lab and Fitness Center at the High School.  Both facilities were completed and opened in the 2017-18 school year

During the Capital Campaign, SSEF also made two additional STEAM-based grants and a larger grant to support the development of an AT Student Entrepreneurship curriculum.

* 2016 STEAM Day Grant of $8,000 sponsoring “Nerdy Derby” for 4th – 8th Graders.
* 2016-2017 Two annual grants totaling $2,000 to support HExpo, A Heathcote annual Makerfaire.
* 2017 $15,000 grant to support curriculum development for an AT Student Entrepreneurship course.

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